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Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! by darthfilart Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! by darthfilart
Amy: Uh, Doctor, what in the universe was that?

Doctor: It's called a transformation sequence. I transform now. Transformations are cool.



To enjoy this even more, imagine the lines after the next paragraph being narrated while scrolling down. Each corresponds to one frame. (Copy + Paste to Notepad* then have the Notepad*'s and your browser's windows side by side).

*or any program you can read from and copy text to

Imagine it's the first episode of Sailor Who. John Smith is a regular high school boy except that he has always have had the feeling that there is more than just this reality: that there are vast worlds beyond the sky - flying through time and space. Then one evening, he sees a spark in the night sky, he follows it and sees a capsule - a U.F.O. It opens! And there lies a dying creature - an alien, a survivor of the invasion of his home planet - who gives him the sonic screwdriver. Now, he must use it to protect his beloved Planet Earth for alien invaders are about to come - he must become The Doctor!

<He clicks the sonic screwdriver and it glows. He transforms while the dying alien tells him of the greatness of The Doctor (which is the following lines)>

He's like fire...
And ice...
And rage.
He's like the night...
And the storm...
And the heart of the sun.
He's ancient and forever.
He burns at the center of time...
And he can see the turn of the universe.
And he's wonderful...
He is ... THE DOCTOR!

*from The Family of Blood (my favorite Tennant two-parter, btw)

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My favorite anime and tv show.
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Timelord style, Timelord grace, Timelord power in your face!
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